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Born in Rome, Georgia with a misspelled name his dad would like to name him Shon with just a single ‘n’ but the nurse proceeded in jotting down his name adding another ‘n’ and this is how he got his unique name ‘Shonn’.

But there is more to the story behind the man Shonn Piersol as he grew up in his parents’ hometown in Birmingham, Alabama. He was raised by both parents in his formative years then his parents got separated afterwards. His mother passed away when she was just 36 years old and Shonn was with her during those trying times.

At age 17, he head north in his high school senior year to prepare for his college education and to start life anew. He was admitted at Anderson University a prestigious school and became the first one to enter a major university and to graduate among his family.



Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana is listed as one of 100 Best Colleges in the US and now considered as a one of the top ranking universities. The U.S. News and World Report as of 2013 recognized Anderson University as the 2nd Regional College in the South with a strong commitment for value education.

After finishing his undergraduate degree in BS in Organizational Leadership Shonn Piersol continued further for his Masters and earned his Master in Business Administration in 2003 at the Falls Schools of Business which is an affiliate of Anderson University.



Through perseverance Shonn took a campus job working as part of the security team which involved a role with the Indianapolis Colts for their usual spring training at the Anderson University. Interesting to know that the quarterback then was no less than Jim Harbaugh who is now the head coach of San Francisco.

At age 21, he began selling cars as a means to provide for his wife and two young boys. He met Ron Joyner who inspired him to read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by the famous author Napoleon Hill. Mr. Joyner challenged him to finish reading this book and when done he would take him to work on his car dealership business.

The experience of selling cars quickly honed his innate ability to be a quick thinker with the lessons gained from reading the Napoleon Hill’s famous book. In a span of a few years Shonn Piersol has all the confidence and drive to empower him to pursue a successful career in sales and eventually impressed Ron Joyner who was instrumental in his motivation.


Shonn Piersol being a successful car sales agent proceeded to dream big and with his college education and masters from the reputable Anderson University he ventured in different career options and from there gained more wisdom. He was invited on several occasions giving inspirational talks about life skills to high school students all over Indiana. His skills in leadership came in handy with his successful stint with Verizon with a challenge of building his own territory for outside sales. Later he began guest teaching in Anderson University and with his combined talent and skills in presentation, sales, leadership and teaching he took a huge position in the university as a Director of Education for two years. 

Much more to come soon....

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Shonn Piersol is a father to 3 beautiful children, Elizabeth, Isaac and Elijah. He owns Massage iNDY, a thriving Massage Therapy spa in Fishers, Indiana.

I was born in Rome. No, not that Rome.... Rome, Georgia. I have no recollection of that time in my life as it was but a few months while my parents were there for my Dad's work. It was in a Georgia hospital after birth that my father attempted to spell my name as Shon to the nurse. She proceeded to spell it Shonn and with that simple misunderstanding, Shonn Piersol was formed. There is more to the story, of course. 

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama which was the hometown of both of my parents.